The Institute of Jesuit Sources specializes in making the spirituality and the history of the Society of Jesus better known. It publishes material by more than fifty authors on the Jesuits, their history, their traditions, their present activities, their future opportunities.

Six Jesuit staff members and editors work full-time at the Institute. Their backgrounds range from theology to physics, from English literature to philosophy and Latin, from canon law to the history of ideas. Authors and translators of IJS publications have worked in and written from every continent except Antarctica, and their interests have ranged across the spectrum of liberal arts and physical and social sciences. Their work exemplifies the Jesuit endeavor "to find God in all things."

The Institute's more than eighty publications fall into several areas of interest; one or more of these may be areas that appeal to you as well.

First, there is original source material translated into English from other languages. For example:
The Constitutions of the Society of Jesus and Their Complementary Norms, or
  The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (the founder of the Jesuits).

Then there is scholarly secondary source material on the Jesuits, translated into English from other languages. For example:
The Jesuits: Their Spiritual Doctrine and Practice, by de Guibert, or
  Biblical Theology and the Spiritual Exercises, by Cusson.

A third category includes works originally composed in English. Examples:
The History of the Society of Jesus, by Bangert or
  Terpsichore at Louis-le-Grand: Baroque Dance on the Jesuit Stage in Paris, by Rock.

Another group treats of more popular works on a variety of Jesuit topics. For instance:
Tibet: The Jesuit Century, by Caraman, or
  Companions in Grace: Directing the Spiritual Exercises by Cowan and Futrell.

Other areas are prayer (Harter's popular Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits is a good example), the writings of Father Pedro Arrupe, the former Jesuit general (his One Jesuit's Spiritual Journey: Autobiographical Conversations is perennially popular), and a final group of publications in media other than print (CD-ROMs, Video Casettes (Shared Vision: Jesuit Spirit in Education is a prominent member of this group).

Click on the Online Book Catalog, to see the complete list of our current publications, along with fuller descriptions of each of them. When you do, the whole range of Jesuit ideas, traditions, teaching, practices, and questions is there for you to enjoy.